Interview with Elli Johnson


We are not even exaggerating when we say that this was one of our favorite episodes EVER! We sat down to chat with one of our favorite Brits (and one of the most charming people on the planet) Elli Johnson of @thehippochronicles.

Elli's candor, wit, humor, and insight led to a really helpful and important conversation around living with depression and/or anxiety. Note we said, "living WITH", not solving, fixing, or healing. We talked with her all about tools to live well, how to both name and change the narrative around mental health, and how to coexist with anxiety and depression- as a mom, a creative, and a wholehearted human person.

THIS. ONE. WAS. FIRE. But imagine if Fire was like, funny and also calming in a way. That's what this convo was.

Freeing. Insightful. Helpful. Funny. Honest.

If you're a woman who's dealt with anxiety or depression, or if you are close to someone who does, you don't want to miss this one!

Elli Johnson is passionate about her family, her garden and brewing the perfect cup of tea. She lives in Liverpool (the centre of the creative universe) with her husband and three kids. You will find her wearing the dungarees she thought she left behind in the 90s, talking to her plants or dancing in her kitchen. 

Elli was diagnosed with post natal depression and generalized anxiety disorder at 30, and has spent the last decade re-learning how to live. She writes about what she has been learning on her blog She has just published her first book, How Not To Be Good, The A to Z of Anxiety: a memoir in just over 26 parts which is also available through her blog.

Enjoy episode #81 and will you do us a favor? If you find it helpful, will you pass it on to someone?

Love you, mean it.


Amber & Alana

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