A Fresh Take on Self-Care

Ever wonder what the term “self-care” actually even means? It seems like such a buzzword lately, which is exactly why we want to unpack this concept together. If you’re a mom, a creative entrepreneur, heck, if you’re a HUMAN PERSON, learning how to care for your *whole* self in healthy ways isn’t just beneficial, it’s crucial.

One of our favorite filters for self care is the question our dear friend, Melissa Blair once asked us, “How’s your head? How’s your heart? How’s your butt?” I mean… if that doesn’t cover it, we don’t know what does!

Of all the episodes we share, please do not miss this one, sister. It’s so, so important and you may be pleasantly surprised by our refreshing definition of self care, because we strongly believe that it shouldn’t feel like one more oppressive thing to “get right” or add to your to-do list.

In this conversation we share simple and practical ways to:

  • know yourself & explore your needs (what is life giving VS life draining for you)
  • speak up & communicate your needs
  • push back on guilt
  • set boundaries
  • check in with yourself (how do you FEEL? is your body telling you something?)
  • differentiate between self-comfort VS self-care
  • put yourself back ON the list (because let’s all be real here- we can’t always put ourselves at the top!)


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