Sunny’s School Drop-Off Dilemma, Parenting Expert Sue Atkins Discusses Confidence in Children and Dr. Rob Reiher’s Take on Depression Stats for Kids

Sunny has another doozy of a story today- this time involving this morning's school drop-off and a crazy guy with ego and a whistle. Parenting Expert Sue Atkins joins REVIVE live from London to share her for crucial "C"'s for boosting your kid's confidence. And kid's media expert Dr. Rob Reiher from the podcast, Live Above the Noise, is her to explain the meaning behind recent stats indicated depression in kids is on the rise.

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Parents On Demand Podcast Network

Sue Atkins, The Parenting Expert

Article- The Four Crucial "C"s: Connected, Capable, Count, Courage

Live Above the Noise

Article- We Have Ruined Childhood

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