Igniting Sparks of Vibrant Hope in Motherhood, Media & Music- Meet T. Lopez

We know! This episode is fashionably late! But it's well worth the wait!

Today Ali gets to sit down with T Lopez. A woman who's been in the entertainment industry for over 20 years!

A fellow mama in her fashion mama's tribe, a friend and truly a woman who ignites hope for all mama's.

Ali and T discuss motherhood and all the realness behind it.

Social media and the not so pretty picture all the time and finding your voice in it all.

T. Lopez talks all about how she handles her wild schedule & many careers along with maintaining her family dynamic and taking care of her 2 girls and hubby.

Especially her thriving music career, all the travel and performances!

Can we say #supermamT. Lopez shares a lot of her career, where she started, how it all came to be and where's shes going.

Ali & T talk about their own struggles and how they handle it and what they've learned as mama's.

T's new podcast Mama Morsels, bite sized messages for every mama in all seasons and stages. Truly inspiring!

Ali & T could of talked for hours, this is such an igniting conversation!

T, Lopez truly ignites hope in this episode!! Don't miss it!

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