Meet Louise, Midwife & Mother- “The Honest Midwife”- Lets Talk Birth and Baby -hear the truth behind labor & delivery, breast feeding, and the reality of having a child

Meet Louise Broadbridge Mom of Two, Known as the Honest Midwife and Creator of Let's Talk Birth and Baby.

Ali and Louise connected via social media across the pond, as you'll hear Louise's accent and love it! Haha Ali does!

The two ladies connected over the realness of birth, both being passionate about helping other moms know what motherhood is really like and so much of what isn't shared or discussed in #momlife and birth.

Louise talks as a senior midwife who's attended a countless amount of births, helped mothers with their postpartum journeys and as a Mama of 2 discusses her own journey.

Today's episode is real, raw, and a great conversation about motherhood. The highs, the lows, birth plans not going to plan, adjusting to being a mama, and so much more!

They also talk about a newer birth method being done in the UK, called a Gentle Section for mama's who elect for a C-Section, here's the link to watch, pretty incredible!

Find and Follow Louise at:

You can book Louise to be your virtual midwife as well, and reach out to her directly with any questions as a mama or mom to be!


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