Meet Singer & Song Writer & Now New Dad Todd Carey

Happy Monday! Sorry it's late today everyone! Real #momlife and #pregnantlife some days are harder than others and today was one of them. 

Meet Todd Carey, New Dad, Singer & Song Writer.

Today Ali & Todd sit down to talk real #dadlife and #momlife and discuss their own challenges and rewards in their parenthood, how they juggle and manage as entrepreneurs. 

Ali & Todd discuss how they first knew each other in the entertainment industry years ago and where they are started and where they are now and their own growth in their careers and personal lives.

Ali styled Todd for one of his big music videos that ended up being iconic in his world and people still go too and love, including the wardrobe!

Check out Nintendo by Todd Carey and of course his other music, but that's a good iconic future throwback! And you can check out Ali's fun colorful wardrobe styling for it!

Todd is really real & raw today about being a Dad, his own struggles, what he's already loving in this new chapter, and how much he's embracing this new world for himself.

Todd talks partnership, communication & so much more to inspire us this Monday!

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