The Parenting Mentor & Author of the Parenting Book : 101 Ways to Rock Your World – Meet Susan Groner

Today Ali sits down with a fellow mama friend and Parenting Mentor as well as Author of a great parenting book, 101 ways to Rock Your World.

Ali & Sue connected via their mutual Hey Mama tribe, and Sue shared some insight to Ali as a new mama and some parenting tricks.

Ali loved the book and how digestible she felt it was for a new mama and really any mama needing a quick pick up and encouragement in the crazy world of parenting.

Sue helps you bring joy  during the hard times as well, and helps to make things more manageable, or at least try too!

There's a certain honesty and comfort that comes from Sue's way of teaching and a no judgement zone!!

Which let's be honest, it's what all us mama's and parents need!

 Sue offers private sessions, as well as group and corporate sessions with workshops, as well for those wanting to book her!

"Every day, we face more challenges than we could ever know how to handle. So we stress. We hover. We see ourselves in our children’s every success; every failure. We ride the highs and the lows because above all, we care. But if we’re not careful, it can overtake us —the anxiety, stress, and constant desire to do the right thing.

And while we can never erase our challenges, having an ally and mentor to guide us can make all the difference." 

Tune in for this insightful and helpful episode!

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