223: 3R’s To Think About This Spring

Who else is dying for the season of sun, cherry blossoms, and grilling to GET STARTED ALREADY?!?

This is the perfect time to check in with yourself on how you want to Renew, Review, and Rejoice this spring.

In this episode I’ll talk you through:

  • How you can renew the habits that best fuel you (that may have fallen by the wayside over the winter)
  • How to access what you want more of and less of this spring and how to take radical responsibility to get it all
  • How to rejoice in the little things that light you up and find magic moments as the season's change

I’ll share specific examples from my life pertaining from all of the above.  Feel free to copy/model/borrow/steal it all!

Happy Spring Shameless friends! Xoxo

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