240: Debbie Reber: Differently Wired

Deborah Reber is a New York Times bestselling author, coach, and the founder of TiLT Parenting, a podcast and online community for parents raising differently wired children. Debbie’s podcast has more than 300,000 downloads and on it, she interviews high-profile thought leaders in parenting and education. Debbie’s new book is Differently Wired: Raising an Exceptional Child in a Conventional World.

Prior to launching TiLT, Debbie spent fifteen years writing inspiring books for teen girls.  As a teen girl authority, she frequently spoke about self-esteem and confidence.

In 2013, Debbie and her family moved from Seattle to Amsterdam, where she currently writes and homeschools her 13-year-old differently wired son, Asher.

I will share that I rarely read a book cover to cover before interviewing my guests.  But I found Differently Wired to be such an essential read, I read every single page.  Whether your child is differently wired or not, you will find such comfort and wisdom in Debbie’s stories and expertise. 

If you are parenting a differently wired child, Debbie’s work will be an invaluable resource.  If you are in a community with differently wired kids (and I promise you are, whether you know it or not), you will learn how they see the world and how you might best be able to support their families. 

If you are parenting a neurotypical child, you will still find a ton of parenting support throughout the book.  I dog-eared page after page.  I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

Listen in to hear Debbie share:

  • How many kids fall under the umbrella of differently wired and why being differently wired provides many gifts and opportunities
  • How to parent from possibility instead of fear
  • How to introduce your child based on their strengths, not their struggles
  • How to manage the parenting comparison trap (and all those families with picture perfect vacation photos on social media)
  • How to use your loud and unapologetic voice when it comes to being an advocate for your child

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