Episode 21: The Realities We Face

This week I get real with the things I am tackling that I have created for myself. We sometimes have to own up to the things we have created or are going through in order to face them head on.

I have created goals for the things I am facing.

I am facing:

I am aware that I spent myself into the place I am at.

I am aware that I am in charge of my fitness but sometime fail when life doesn't go as planned.

I am aware that I struggle with fears over my son dying and I don't know why that has become a frequent thought and nightmare.

I am facing these and know some of you face the same struggles. God's Glory Box came at the perfect time today to give me a little boost and include something I firmly believe I needed. A 21 day Gratitude Journal! Make sure you check it out and use my code for some discounts!

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Be blessed!

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