12 Taboo Postpartum Truths: What You May Need to Know, but Probably Haven’t Been Told.

What happens when the reality of parenthood doesn’t match the expectations, dreams and hopes? It can sometimes leave someone feeling regretful of their new situation and questions their choices. And often, with this regret, one feels shame, embarrassment and alone.

In this episode of Yoga | Birth | Babies, I speak with Marissa Zwetow, who is licensed therapist who specializes in prenatal and postpartum counseling. She talks about the 12 Taboo Postpartum Truths: What you may need to know, but probably haven't been told. Marissa blows the lib off of hidden thoughts and feelings so many new parents feel but are embarrassed to admit. This episode is a must for any new or expectant parent or support person!

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