Improving Birth & Health Outcomes for Black Moms & Babies

The C.D.C. reports that black mother in the U.S. are 3 to 4 times more at risk of maternal mortality regardless of socioeconomic status and education than white women. These statistics are just the beginning of shining a light on the racial disparity seen in the birthing world.

In this episode I speak with Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Founder of Spirited By Truth, Alexandra Samuel-Sturgess. Alex has been working in the perinatal mental health field and creating a safe space for women of color for almost two decades. In our conversation, Alex explains the maternal health racial disparities and openly talks about unconscious biases in the medical world. One reason I was drawn to speaking with Alex is that her approach to this work is solution based on both a systemic level and personal level. Please enjoy this lively and important conversation.

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