RIE Parenting: Is It For You?

It’s not often during an interview I have such a major a shift in perspective on the topic of discussion. But that is exactly what occurred during my talk with author and RIE method teacher Janet Lansbury.

The RIE method floated around in a distant hemisphere somewhere in my awareness. I had heard of an RIE class near me when my children were very little but never really invested much time in discovering what it was. One of my friends made a snide remark it was the “fight club” of parenting philosophies. After my talk with Janet, I regret not further exploring the opportunity to participate in these classes.

In this episode of Yoga|Birth|Babies, Janet explains the RIE method in great detail and the benefits it can have for both parent and child. How the seeds of a trusting and respectful relationship are laid and how doing less can reap so much more.

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