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Common Sense Pregnancy, the podcast, is a breath of fresh air: accessible, authoritative, funny, reassuring and personal. It’s chock-full of Jeanne’s comprehensive, medically-sound advice and insights plus conversations with women, mothers and experts in pregnancy, parenting and the power to change the world. Women’s health expert, labor nurse, feminist, mother of four, Fit columnist and author of Common Sense Pregnancy (Random House, 2015), Jeanne Faulkner has been at the bedside for thousands of deliveries. She provides the honest insider advice you need during pregnancy, labor, birth, and parenthood. Jeanne believes that parents have the power to change the world and that’s what we’re talking about here on Common Sense Pregnancy Radio.

Recent Episodes

#112: International Women’s Day and Communicating with Babies

Jeanne talks about what you can do to support women, about new legislation to send maternal healthcare providers to rural communities and then interviews speech pathologist/educator Ayelet Marinovich about communicating with babies.Learn more about you...

#111: Family Planning and Healthy Mothers

Jeanne interviews Niamh Cahill,  whose research at UMASS Amherst is monitoring a global initiative called Family Planning 2020. We also talk about Niamh’s new motherhood and stark contrasts between prenatal and maternity care in Ireland and the US...

#110: Real Food, Gun Reform, and Teens Changing the World

Jeanne talks about gun reform and the Parkland high school shooting survivors who are taking on the gun lobby.  Then, she interviews Lily Nichols, Registered Nutritionist and Dietician about her new book, Real Food for Pregnancy.Learn more about y...

#109: Integrative Medicine and Fertility

Jeanne talks with Oregon Reproductive Medicine’s, Dr. Carmelo Sgarlata about why acupuncture, nutrition, herbs and other complementary practices are a natural part of reproductive medicine.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

#108: Fistula, Poverty, and Doctors Who Care

Jeanne talks with Dr. Lauri Romanzi about obstructed labor and fistula, which are no longer common problems for women in the US and most developed countries but which continue to disable women in many poor countries.Learn more about your ad...

#107: Parenthood, Loss, Books, and Writing

Jeanne Talks with author Deborah Reed about her new book, The Days The Birds Come Back and about writing, motherhood and literature.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

#106: Finding Your Way Into the Birth Industry

Jeanne talks with Deb Flashenberg, founder of Prenatal Yoga Center about how she found her way from musical theater to the yoga studio to the birth world.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

#105: Naturopathy, Postpartum Health, and the New Mom Scramble

Jeanne talks with naturopath and new mom, Dr. Angela Potter, ND about why she focuses on postpartum health, how naturopathy supports women’s health and how she manages the back-to-work/baby-at-home scramble.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megap...

Happy Holidays!

Taking a holiday break with my clan.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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