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Common Sense Pregnancy, Parenting & Politics is a breath of fresh air: accessible, authoritative, funny, reassuring and personal. It’s chock-full of Jeanne’s comprehensive, medically-sound advice and insights plus conversations with women, mothers and experts in pregnancy, parenting and the power to change the world. Women’s health expert, labor nurse, feminist, mother of four, Fit columnist and author of Common Sense Pregnancy (Random House, 2015), Jeanne Faulkner has been at the bedside for thousands of deliveries. She provides the honest insider advice you need during pregnancy, labor, birth, and parenthood. Jeanne believes that parents have the power to change the world and that’s what we’re talking about here on Common Sense Pregnancy Radio.

Recent Episodes

#168: Yoga, Racism, Prenatal Care and Healing

Jeanne talks with prenatal yoga specialist and meditation teacher, Constance Hartwell, about how yoga builds community and creates healing.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

#167: How to Eat if you have Gestational Diabetes

Jeanne interviews Kali Pearson, of about the impact nutrition has on healing, why Gestational Diabetes rates are on the rise and how to eat if you have GD.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

#95: Preterm Labor, Shackles, and 4th of July

Jeanne talks about what’s happening in the US at the border and in DC on 4th of July, shares a NY Times article about women shackled during labor and shares a rebroadcast with Chris Beard, CNM on preterm labor and...

#166: No-fear Pregnancy

Jeanne talks with Emily Benet - author of her new book The Pregnancy Diaries - about being pregnant without fear.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

#165: Comedy, Fertility and Mental Health with Laura Lexx

Jeanne talks with comedian Laura Lexx about her special, “Trying,”  about a year spent trying to get through therapy, trying the patience of everyone and trying unsuccessfully for a baby.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit meg...

#164: How To Name That Baby

Jeanne interviews sister-entrepreneurs, Jennifer Moss and Mallory Moss Katz about baby names, trends, histories, their podcast and what Game of Throne names we’ll be seeing in preschools everywhere.  Also, Common Sense Pregnancy, Parenting & P...

#163: Raising Resilient Kids in an Online World

Jeanne talks with Chris and Holly Santillo, author of the book Raising Resilient Kids about fostering good judgment and self-awareness in children.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

#162: Kori’s Birth with Placenta Previa

Jeanne gets a follow up letter from Kori, who emailed about placenta previa in episode 144.  This week, she invites Kori on the podcast to tell us how everything turned out.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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