Common Sense Pregnancy, Parenting & Politics Episodes

#20: Mother of Invention

Jeanne talks about the creative force that drives pregnancy, motherhood and parenting and how that sometimes turns into truly creative career, business, personal and artistic solutions.

#19: Q&A Grab Bag

Jeanne answers reader emails about inductions, gestational diabetes, bacterial vaginosis and one grandmother's concern about her daughter's healing c-section scar.

#18: Our Bodies, Ourselves, Our Mothers

Jeanne talks with co-author and co-founder of Our Bodies, OurSelves, Judy Norsigian about her role in changing women's health and her thoughts on the issues women face today in reproductive and maternal healthcare.

#17: Which is Safer? Home or Hospital?

Jeanne talks with researchers, a midwife and an epidemiologist at Oregon Health and Sciences University, about  a new study on the safety of home birth versus hospital birth for mothers and babies.

#16: Words That Matter

Jeanne talks with doula, poet, feminist and freelance writer, Carrie Murphy, about why the words we use when we talk about birth and motherhood matter.

#15: Laughing Gas and Labor Pains

Jeanne answers reader emails about pain management during labor and talks with Wendy Berger, CNM who works at Legacy Emanuel Hospital - one of a growing number of hospitals offering nitrous oxide (aka laughing gas or gas and air) to...

#14: Politics and Motherhood

Jeanne talks about government's role in our parenthood and the power of active citizenry. She also talks with Karleen Basch about why her second pregnancy and birth shoved her into the political stream.

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