Common Sense Pregnancy, Parenting & Politics Episodes

#30: Talking Shop with a Hospital Midwife

Jeanne talks with Chris Beard, certified nurse midwife, solo mom to adopted daughters, avid camper and outdoor enthusiast about mothering adolescent girls and about how midwifery has changed over her career and why it's the solution to improving matern...

#29: High Risk Pregnancy Q’s

What exactly does it mean to be high risk during pregnancy and why are so many women being treated that way? Jeanne answers emails about risk factors, inductions, c-sections and late pregnancy curve balls. 

#28: Raising Boys In America

Jeanne talks with Jacqueline Sibanda about issues mothers face all over the world, especially when raising boys to be men. We also talk about the extra challenges mothers face in America where race, intolerance and gun culture put some teenagers...

#26: Mother’s Day With My Kids

Jeanne talks with her own kids about growing up in a big family, with a labor nurse for a mom and about gender, reproductive health,and what feminism, birth and parenthood look like for young adults today.

#25: Both Sides of the Adoption Story

Jeanne talks with a brand new mom of an adopted baby girl about her journey to motherhood, the bond she's created with her baby and about being adopted herself.

#24: More From Labor Nurses

Jeanne talks with fellow-labor nurse, Amie, about the long hours, working weekends and holidays and taking care of patients when you're missing your own kids.

#23: Sending Mama To Jail

No parent is perfect, but in some states, like Tennessee, pregnant women who need and want treatment for addiction are being prosecuted instead of receiving the help they need.  Jeanne talks with Allison Glass from Health & Free Tennessee, a...

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