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Fertile Minds Radio is your place to learn how to maximize your fertility for both males & females; physically, mentally & emotionally. Here you’ll find tools to help you feel empowered and confident as you move from infertile to pregnancy and parenthood. Hillary Talbott Roland, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Fellow of the American Board of Reproductive Medicine and Meditation Instructor shares her clinical insight along with the leading experts and thought leaders from the realms of TCM, Mindfulness, Women’s Health, Psychology, Obstetrics & Endocrinology. From unexplained infertility to miscarriage to raging PMS we’ve got you covered, and are dedicated to bringing you information to help you conceive naturally or through other means life IVF all while staying sane.

Recent Episodes

How to Survive the Two Week Wait

After coming back from a super fun yet unstructured Thanksgiving vacation, Hillary thought the topic of patience and planning would be perfect for this week’s episode. Fertility can be an emotional roller coaster, so today, Hillary will share some remi...

Mini Mindful Moment- What Are YOU Grateful For?

It's Turkey time in the U.S. which means lots of family gatherings! These things can be stressful depending on your family dynamic so lets take a minute for ourselves to go deep and feel what we are appreciative in our...

Mini Mindful Moment- Have You Been a Victim of a Nocebo?

Most of us are familiar with a placebo, however, do you know what a nocebo is? A nocebo is a detrimental effect on health produced by psychological or psychosomatic factors such as negative expectations of treatment or prognosis by a...

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