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Being a Fit Dad takes commitment, effort, discipline, and enthusiasm. At the Fit Dad Fitness Podcast, hosted by Michael Ashford, it’s all about encouraging fathers to live active, involved, healthy lives with their children by bringing you interviews and content with real dads who are doing just that.

Recent Episodes

Friday Reflex 22: Understanding fat loss and muscle growth

This week's topic: The key to dropping body fat and gaining lean muscle is to first and foremost begin a weight-training regimen. By increasing your muscle mass, you'll kick your metabolism into a higher gear, causing your body to burn more...

Friday Reflex 20: Building resiliency through fitness

This week's topic: Strengthen your ability to overcome life's challenges the same way you would try get stronger — by putting yourself in situations where you exercise your muscles.   The Friday Reflex is a roughly 10- to 15-minute episode...

Ep 58: ‘My best friend is a toddler,’ with Frank Prather

For years, Frank Prather's pursuit of his dreams and passions led him down a long and twisting road, filled with everything from competitive bodybuilding, to training NBA athletes, to interviewing celebrities in Hollywood.   However, when Frank became ...

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