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Being a Fit Dad takes commitment, effort, discipline, and enthusiasm. At the Fit Dad Fitness Podcast, hosted by Michael Ashford, it’s all about encouraging fathers to live active, involved, healthy lives with their children by bringing you interviews and content with real dads who are doing just that.

Recent Episodes

Friday Reflex 15: This week was such a struggle!

This week's topic: I struggled with my energy this week in a way I hadn't experienced before; and yet, I still made improvements in the gym. You can still improve even when your energy and motivation feel off. You don't...

Friday Reflex 13: Workout the right way for your goals

This week's topic: Making sure that your workout and exercise style matches up with your stated health and fitness goals.   The Friday Reflex is a roughly 10-minute episode each Friday of my thoughts on a particular idea or issue...

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