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Informed Pregnancy Episodes

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Entertaining and informative conversations about pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and parenting hosted By award winning prenatal chiropractic pioneer Dr. Elliot Berlin together with expert and celebrity guests.

Recent Episodes

Heidi Stevens – Business Coaching for Creative Women

Women's Business Coach Heidi Stevens is passionate about empowering and inspiring other women business owners to be the best versions of themselves. Tune in to hear her share some of the tools and strategies that she used to grow a...

Yoga and Meditation with Patti Quintero

Learn about the foundations of Yoga and Meditation and how to maximize their benefits during pregnancy and postpartum with our guest Patti Quintero - founder of 'Uma Mother' which specializes in mindful living from Conception into Motherhood.

Debbie Allen – Black and White Birth Outcomes

There is an alarming disparity in US maternal and fetal health and outcomes by race with the most sizable gap being between white and black mothers and babies.  Midwife Debbie Allen talks with Dr. Berlin about the depth of the...

Hospital vs Out of Hospital Birth

Some people feel safer and more comfortable laboring and birthing in hospitals and others feel better at home or in a birthing center.  Dr. Emiliano Chavira weighs in with his thoughts of pros and cons of each setting and who...

Atomic Mom – Ellie Knaus

Ellie Knaus is a recovering actor who celebrates and commiserates with world class experts, best-selling authors, and listeners around the world on the Atomic Moms podcast.  In our interview she shares her adventures in childhood and motherhood in her ...

Jackie Seiden AFTER

Emphasizing the importance of a flexible birth plan, circumstances at the end of Jackie's pregnancy lead her to a very different birth than she was planning. In this episode Jackie shares her last minute twists, the choices she had and...

Jackie Seiden BEFORE

Broadway and television actress Jackie Seiden talks shop, pregnancy and plans for her upcoming birth - and beyond.  Part I of a two part series.

CPR, First Aid and Infant Safety with Richard Pass

Richard Pass, RN, BS and his staff at 'Save A Little Life' provide specialized courses for expectant and recently delivered parents, family members and care providers on hope to prepare a safe home for infants and toddlers. In this episode...

Expecting More with Sara Haley

Sponsored by: KABRITA. Kabrita goat milk foods and formula are naturally easy to digest and non-GMO. To see if Kabrita is right for your family, order you trial kit at From NBA dancer to dancing for fitness, celebrity trainer...

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