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Entertaining and informative conversations about pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and parenting hosted By award winning prenatal chiropractic pioneer Dr. Elliot Berlin together with expert and celebrity guests.

Recent Episodes

Amanda Kloots – Jump with your Bump

Amanda Kloots is a celebrity fitness trainer and creator of the famed workouts AK! Her workouts include jump rope, dance, body and baby bump. The former Radio City Rockette is now a mom! Amanda chats about growing her pregnancy and...

Pre and Postnatal Massage

Nationally certified massage therapist Deanza Dominguez specializes in pregnancy and postnatal massage and other soft tissue modalities. In this episode Deanza discusses some of the benefits of massage during pregnancy, childbirth and postpart...

Healthy Little Sleepers

Susie Menkes, a certified pediatric sleep consultant and applied developmental psychologist, has been helping little ones and their families with sleep since 2012. We talk about 'sleep training' definitions, various stages and techniques and p...

Sarah Bederman – VBAC story part 2 of 2

Sarah's 'Trial of Labor After Cesarean' begins with a week of extended prodromal labor. Tune in to hear the full labor, birth and postpartum journey and how Sarah's experiences have motivated her to become a volunteer helping to improve postpa...

Sarah’s VBAC Story – Part 1 of 2

Sarah is expecting her second baby and hoping for a different birth experience this time around. Together with her doula Katharine, Sarah talks us through her first pregnancy, plans for non-interventive birth and her labor experience ending in...

Marianna Burelli – A Magical Hospital Birth Story

Actress and producer Marianna Burelli talks about her unusual upbringing, meeting her husband on-set and her inspiring, magical, and empowered hospital birth story. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Dr. Bente Kaiser – Holistic Health Obstetrics and Gynecology

Holistic Health Obstetrician-Gynecologist Dr. Bente Kaiser discusses selecting the right OBGYN for you, establishing trust with your pregnancy and birth provider, and patient advocacy.   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Jen Lilley – After

Jen returns to share her labor and birth journey starting with her water breaking during a routine obstetric checkup. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Dr. Gabriela Sheets – Microbiome

Dr. Gabriela Sheets is a biologist whose research on the early development of infant gut microbiome has earned prestigious awards and grants. She joins the podcast to talk all things bacteria, fungi, protozoa and virus that live in and around ...

Pallavi Sastry – After

After deciding late in pregnancy to switch from hospital birth to homebirth Pallavi is ready and waiting...and waiting..and waiting.  One week after her estimated due date Pallavi tries several natural efforts to get the birth ball rolling.   ...

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