Informed Pregnancy Episodes

What’s in breast milk? – Stephanie Canale

This two topic information packed episode starts with family medicine physician Dr. Stephanie Canale discussing the interesting field of family medicine. After the break, Dr. Canale shares the personal struggle that she experienced with infant nutritio...

Small business tips – Sharkeith Franks

Sharkeith Franks, a business and finance expert and founder of 9Nth Level consulting group gives us the inside scoop on starting and running your own business. Sharkeith shares her tips for accounting, taxes, inventory, payroll and much more.

Because You Are Superwoman – J K Coy

Author JK COY shares her birth journey including how and why she inspires women to have a more positive birth experience in her latest book "Because You Are Superwoman: how to harness your superpower and create your own positive birth...

Catalina Clark – After

Catalina Clark, a doula, and student midwife has had her baby and returns to candidly share her personal labor and delivery experience including a tense moment that she has never witnessed at a birth before. Photo Credit: Rebecca Coursey

Catalina Clark – Before

Midwife-in-training Catalina Clark is in her third trimester of pregnancy and still attending birth regularly as she plans her own first birth experience.  She talks about midwifery training and what it's like to get ready for birth after having attend...

Childbirth Education – Sarah Lavonne

Labor and delivery nurse, doula and childbirth educator Sarah Lavonne talks about what to expected from childbirth education and helps sort through some of the various choices.

Alexie Gilmore – Mini Shower

Actress Alexie Gilmore, a stepmom to three kids, is expecting and due any minute.  After watching and celebrating pregnancy, birth, and parenting of her closest friends, they now turn the tables to offer blessings and advice and a few surprises from...

Tongue Tie – Dr. Chelsea Pinto

A tongue tie occurs when the thin membrane under the tongue restricts the movement of the tongue. For approximately 3-15% of newborns, it is so tight that they cannot move their tongues freely which can affect their ability to breastfeed...

Hilary Duff – AFTER

Hilary Duff shares details about the last few days of pregnancy and what it was like to experience labor and delivery at home.  Spoiler alert: She's a total G.

Hilary Duff – BEFORE

In this fun and charming interview, very pregnant and super candid Hilary Duff talks about her childhood, career, first pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood experience and why her plans for her impending second birth have taken a significant and exciti...