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We’ve created this podcast as a source of encouragement and love to all you dishwashers, taxi drivers, therapists, and personal chefs, stylists and shoppers out there. A.K.A. Moms. We hope that this is a place where you will find grace and laughter in our messy bun lives!

Recent Episodes

Episode 29: School Lunch and Snack Prep

Who else is completely not ready for this?  Join me, will you?  We've nourished our children all their lives and yet somehow, this is a whole new feat...

Episode 27: We See You

To all you mamas out there.  We see you.  You're doing so awesome.  Keep it up.  You got this!  

Episode 24: Miscarriage and Loss

This one's going to be a little different, folks, but we thought it was important.  We are sharing our stories of loss and heartache around what is unfortunately a very common issue.  It's a little longer because we felt like...

Break Week Announcement

Hey guys!  We interrupt this podcast to bring you an important announcement.  Don't worry.  We plan to be back with you next week with your regularly scheduled programming.

Episode 23: Please Don’t

Friends, you spoke and we listened.  Here is a full episode of things not to say to anyone...ever.  No seriously.  Don't.  Why are you still talking?  

Episode 22: What The What?!?

In this episode, we talk about the ridiculous "normal" aspects of motherhood. But, hey, what is "normal" anyway?

Episode 21: Father’s Day

Huh, that's interesting. We have significantly less to say about Father's Day than we did about Mother's Day. I wonder why that is...

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