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Mother’s Quest is a podcast for moms who are ready to live a truly E.P.I.C. life. A few months before a big milestone birthday, host Julie Neale, a life and leadership coach, community builder and mom to two high-energy boys, decided to stop sidelining her dreams and become the hero of her own journey. She created the podcast to help light her way by gathering words of wisdom and lessons learned from other mothers further ahead on their quest. Join in for intimate conversations with a diverse group of inspiring mothers as they share how they are living an E.P.I.C. life, engaging mindfully with their children (E), passionately and purposefully making a difference beyond their family (P), investing in themselves (I), and connecting to a strong support network (C). Come along with Julie and you are sure to find some treasures of your own.

Recent Episodes

EP32: Sit at the Table & Own Your Power with Chandra Brooks

I’m honored to share this episode #32 of the podcast with Chandra Brooks, who has become a friend and a generous thought partner for me in recent months. Chandra is a wife, mother of four, a grandmother, author, entrepreneur and...

EP29: Your Messy Delicious Pie Life with Samantha Ettus

I’m excited to share this Episode #29 of the Mother’s Quest Podcast with renowned work/life wellness expert, intentional mom, bestselling author, and so much more – Samantha Ettus. Sam is the author of The Pie Life and The Pie Life...

Ep 27: Courageous Conversations about Race with Nicole Lee

Hello and welcome to Episode #27 of the Mother’s Quest Podcast and the first of several I’ll be sharing for an initiative I’ve launched called Women Podcasters in Solidarity. The Initiative is a commitment I’ve made, alongside some other amazing...

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