Parent Savers Episodes

Teach Your Baby to Swim

Drowning is the second highest cause of death amongst children four and younger. Teaching your baby to swim can prevent you from being one of these statistics. What skills are desperately needed for survival? How do you teach these skills...

Can Colic Be Cured?

Baby's discomfort from colic gas or reflux can be devastating for the entire family. After all, no one wants to watch as their newborn suffers with tummy pain. You feel completely helpless as you wait for your child to outgrow...

Greenwashing: What Products Are Best For My Baby?

Companies know parents want greener options for their family, and some are attempting to meet those needs. But, watch out! Labels that say "Natural", "Green", and "Organic" aren't always what they seem. How do we decipher the labels to know...

Childcare Choices for the Working Parent

The dreaded time has come when you have to find someone else to watch your child. With all the options out there, how do you determine what type of childcare is best for you and your baby? What factors should...

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