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Join Dr. Mike in the PediaCast Studio for the latest news parents can use, answers to listener questions, and interviews with pediatric and parenting experts. PediaCast has been an evidence-based award-winning educational podcast since 2006. And with over 300 episodes, 2 million downloads, and listeners in all 50 states and more than 100 countries around the world, more parents trust PediaCast than any other audio source.

Recent Episodes

Fitness Facts & Ideas – PediaCast 409

This week we review bicycle safety (hint: helmets are REALLY important!). Then our Pediatrics in Plain Language Panel returns as we consider fitness facts and ideas for all ages. Whether the sun is shining… or it’s raining… or even the...

Button Batteries & Honey, Retro Toddler – PediaCast 408

Dr Anne Zachry visits the studio as we explore her new book from the American Academy of Pediatrics, Retro Toddler: More Than 100 Old-School Activities to Boost Development. We also consider the benefit of giving honey when children swallow button...

Healthy Summer Meals – PediaCast 407

Liz Weiss visits the studio as we explore healthy summer meals. Liz is a registered dietician, food blogger, podcaster, YouTuber, cookbook author and all-around family nutrition expert. We’ll consider healthy options for summertime eating, including fa...

Playing it Safe in the Summer – PediaCast 406

Our Pediatrics in Plain Language Panel returns to the studio as we explore summer safety. Dr Alex Rakowsky and Dr Mary Ann Abrams share plenty of tips for keeping your kids injury-free this warm-weather season!

If You Dream It, You Can Do It – PediaCast 405

Ashley Eckstein, voice of Ahsoka Tano on Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Founder of Her Universe (makers of Star Wars apparel for fangirls), joins us in the studio to talk about making your dreams come true. Ashley shares her...

Self-Care & Wellness for Moms – PediaCast 404

Dayna Kurtz, author of Mother Matters: A Holistic Guide to Being a Happy, Healthy Mom, joins Dr Mike in the PediaCast Studio to explore self-care and wellness for moms. We hope you can join us!

Measles, Junk Food, Depression – PediaCast 403

This week we cover more news parents can use! Topics include screen-free week; the impact of motherly depression on her child’s IQ; liquid nicotine and e-cigarette safety; protecting children from junk food ads; and dangerous complications of ear infec...

Transitioning Your Teenager to Young Adulthood – PediaCast 402

This week we consider the transition of teenagers to young adulthood. It’s important to start early and gradually encourage participation, critical thinking and responsibility. Clinical social workers, Michele Buck and Rebecca Furru, visit the studio t...

Fatherly Stress, Hoverboards, Teen Drivers – PediaCast 400

This week we explore more news parents can use! Topics include fatherly stress at the time of conception, safe infant sleep in the care of babysitters, hoverboard hazards, vaccination rates in those with autism, the effect of TV viewing at...

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