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The preschools years are both an exciting and a challenging time for parents. Preschool and Beyond is here to help you and your child make those critical years of life as successful as possible. Each episode, leaders in education, psychology, and other child-related fields join preschool director and host Mike Dlott to help answer many of the most common, and the most challenging issues facing preschoolers and their families.

Recent Episodes

Family Dinner Reboot – Episode 32

Registered dietician nutritionist, Liz Weiss joins us to discuss tips and tricks for creating healthy and enjoyable family meals. Liz hosts the cooking podcast and blog, Liz' Healthy Table, and she is the author of the books several cookbooks includin...

Who’s the Boss? – Episode 31

Psychologist Dr. Kristen Wynns returns to the podcast to discuss her new book, The No Wimpy Parenting Handbook. Dr. Wynns shares strategies for parents feeling frustrated, helpless or stressed, on how they can change the dynamics in their homes, and...

Learning to Self Regulate – Episode 30

Lara Kehle joins us to talk about the importance of learning self-regulation, and she discusses strategies to help children develop skills to manage their bodies, emotions, and maintain their focus and attention. Lara is an early childhood mental healt...

Let Them Eat Dirt? Episode 29

Dr. Marie-Claire Arrieta, co-author of Let Them Eat Dirt, joins us to discuss the dangers of raising children in an oversanitized environment, and what new scientific research teaches us about ways that we can help keep our children healthy.

The Importance of a Quality Pre-K – Episode 28

Dr. Suzanne Bouffard, author of The Most Important Year: Pre-Kindergarten and the Future of Our Children, joins us to discuss her research studying pre-K classrooms, and why high quality programs are so valuable to children and families.

Early Entry to Kindergarten – Episode 27

Season 2 Premiere - Psychologist Dr. Kristen Wynns of Wynns Family Psychology joins us to discuss the process of early entry into kindergarten, as well as factors parents should weigh when considering early entry for their child. Show Page -...

Episode 26 – Sibling Relationships (Season 1 Finale)

Dr. Laura Markham, author of Peaceful Parent, Happy Siblings, and founder of Aha! Parenting, joins us to discuss ways parents can help support the development of positive relationships between siblings. Show Notes: http://www.discoverychilddevelopmen...

Episode 25 – Staying Safe in the Sun

Dr. Heather Lampel of the Cary Dermatology Center joins us to discuss how to keep children safe while they are outdoors enjoying the sun. Show Page -

Episode 24 – The Parent Teacher Conference

Sarah Coeyman returns to Discovery Child Development Center to discuss how families can get the most out of their parent teacher conferences during both the preschool and elementary school years.

Episode 23 – Transitioning to Kindergarten

Mike is joined by kindergarten teachers Aileen Clougherty and Scott Larson from Central Park School for Children in Durham, NC. They discuss ways to prepare children for the start of kindergarten, and how parents can best support them during the...

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