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The Dad Experience is a place where all dads can come together share, listen, dig deep, and laugh. This podcast is a place where Dads can support each other through their experiences and let’s face it our parent fails. This podcast is a place where we can come together let our guard down and even shed some tears on this journey we call Fatherhood.

Recent Episodes

DadTV: Netflix Algorithms and Holiday Movies

Adam, Mike, and Guest Host Jorge are back with another episode of DadTV.  In this episode we talk about keeping our Netflix algorithms updated and our  favorite holiday movies.  Look for DADTV once a month.  We want to hear from...

Hip Hop Dad

We are back with an exciting episode! Adam sits down with Hip Hop dad Antoine Edmonson and talk hip hop, culture, and sharing his fatherly experiences through music.  All of this and our favorite segment "Things We Can't Wait to...

Balancing Your Family and The Holiday Season

Adam and Eric team up to discuss the upcoming holiday season and the ways they find time to balance the busy time of year with their families.Check out Eric on Instagram @ericreggieGet the latest updates on Eric’s movie at www.inactionmovie.comCheck...

What Do You Do to Bond With Your Family?

Adam sits down with Derrick Culpepper a viral dad and talks about his experiences with raising his kids, creating content for his social media platforms, all while bonding with his family.  You can find Derrick on Facebook

Is Parenting What You Expected? From Toddlers to Teenagers

In our latest episode we talk to Cary about being a single dad and raising his daughter from infancy through the teen years.Check out our website and blog  Have a show idea or want to be a guest contact...

Are Your Kids Protected Against Meningitis?

On today’s agenda we dig into a devastating disease that nearly killed Adam, but is vaccine-preventable: meningitis. With guests Dr. Paul Lee and Blake Schuchardt, we talk about meningitis prevention and how to advocate for our kids' health from infanc...

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