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The Engine Mom Podcast is a show designed to build community through story-telling and to inspire women (especially Moms) to set goals for themselves and think outside the box when it comes to their lifestyle and work. As Moms, we are the driving force of our family; often masters of multi-tasking. Much like an engine, we are made up of many moving parts that create momentum in our lives. Ignoring a single moving part can stall progress toward meeting our goals.

In order for us to strive to be better than yesterday, it’s vital that we identify what fuels us: our passions and purpose. It’s important that we re-fuel through self-care, exercise, healthy food, goals setting and by surrounding ourselves with women who are equally as driven.

Many of the women that you will hear from on this show run their own businesses, are creative professionals or have unique, yet relatable stories to share about pursuing their passions while raising their family. These stories give an interesting perspective on life as a Mom and are sure to fuel you with inspiration for making the most of your own life.

Recent Episodes

REV: Releasing Judgement & Demonstrating Empathy

In this "Rev" episode, I'm talking  about a recent surge that I've noticed of Mom-bashing or women-bashing on social media. I understand that this is public forum and everyone is entitled to their opinions, but how come it has to be...

REV: Differences in Fitness & Training While Pregnant

In this "Rev" episode, I talk about fitness during pregnancy and the differences between my first pregnancy and my current pregnancy, and what I am currently focusing on in the gym. I also talk about the mindset shift that is...

REV: Picking Your Battles through Mindset Shifts

In this "Rev" episode, I share some recent experiences in picking my battles, mostly in my home life. This is something I have been working on a lot lately. I'm kind of a control-freak and I like things done my...

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