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Meditation, Bliss & Your Journey with Emily Fletcher

Can meditation support you through fertility, miscarriage and pregnancy? The founder of Ziva Meditation and Expectful’s Meditation Expert, Emily Fletcher is here to speak about how meditation helped her through her fertility journey and miscarriage and...

Mothercare, Health & Happiness with Dayna M. Kurtz

When a baby is born the world seems to focus on childcare, but what about mothercare? Enter Dayna Kurtz, the brains behind Huffington Post’s Mother Matters blog. From postpartum depression and “baby blues” to healing meals and postnatal exercise, Kurtz...

Functional Medicine & Getting Pregnant Naturally with Sarah Clark

Can food sensitivities impact your fertility? When today’s guest Sarah Clark was 28 years old, she received a diagnosis of premature ovarian failure. Although she accepted the diagnosis and had both her children through in vitro fertilization, she real...

Prenatal Yoga, Birth & Empowerment with Sage Caprice Abowitt

Can practicing yoga during pregnancy help you feel more empowered during birth and motherhood? In Sage Caprice Abowitt’s experience, it can and has for so many of her prenatal students and doula clients. Sage Caprice Abowitt is a Prenatal Yoga

Grace, Motherhood & Healing with Sophia Johnson

Could infusing more grace into how you parent change your relationship with your children? Today’s guest, Sophia Johnson believes so and is here to share why. Sophia Johnson is a blogger and Instagram influencer who helps to women and mothers

Somatic C-Section Recovery & Community with Amanda Coslor

Can body work help women heal after a cesarean birth? After having an emergency c-section with her second child, Amanda Coslor felt unprepared when her recovery was more challenging than she anticipated. In effort to heal herself, she turned to

Trusting Yourself, VBAC & Pregnancy with Heidi Kristoffer

What if you viewed pregnancy as a time to regain trust within yourself and your body? After going through a high risk pregnancy and emergency c-section with her twin girls, today’s guest Heidi Kristoffer decided that during her second pregnancy

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