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The Healthy Family Podcast isn’t just about kids, or adults, but families. It answers the tough questions like how can we positively influence those we love to take action? How do we create a lifelong desire for healthy habits in our children? How do we grow old being as healthy and strong as we can be? With help from leading experts, Maryann deconstructs what it really means to be healthy, happy and well at all ages and stages. Each episode helps you uncover (and conquer) hidden barriers that get in the way of your family’s health and happiness.

Recent Episodes

The Power of Self-Compassion with Karen Bluth

You’ve been there, haven’t you? Your child strikes out at a baseball game, bombs a test or messes up at her dance recital and acts like it’s the end of the world. It seems in today’s world, moving away from...

What Dietitians Know About Eating That Most People Don’t

When over 18,000 registered dietitians were asked about intuitive eating, they got a majority of the questions right (71 percent). And those who work in weight management reported using nonrestrictive/intuitive eating more often than traditional/restri...