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The Nourished Child is a podcast about child nutrition, feeding kids, and dealing with the inevitable ups and downs of raising a healthy child. Got a picky eater? A young athlete? Or just want to raise a healthy eater? No matter the age, nourishing today’s child can be complicated and frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be. Join Jill Castle, a registered dietitian, childhood nutrition expert, author and mom of four as she teaches, debunks and confronts every angle of food, feeding, and growing a healthy child, inside and out. Balanced food, effective feeding strategies, and advice from the experts. Let the Nourished Child podcast guide you along the way to a happy, healthy, nourished child.

Recent Episodes

TNC 063: Should You Ask Your Child What He Wants to Eat?

“You end up having this negotiation or debate, and in order to keep the peace, you cave-in to your child’s request. You end up catering to those request and you give your child their preferred foods. The more a child...

TNC 062: How to Raise Middle School Girls Who Eat with Katie Hurley

“Instead of building deep and meaningful relationships, which is developmentally what they should be doing at this age range, digging in deeper and building life-long relationships, they’re building negatively charged interactions with other kids based on who’s more perfect and...

TNC 061: Feeding Rules that Help Kids Eat Better

“In a world where food is plentiful and less than healthy options are at every turn, it can be challenging, if not downright difficult, to keep our kids on track with eating. Sure, I believe that kids can self-regulate their...

TNC 057: Won’t Eat Breakfast, Food Restriction & Picky Eaters

Using the framework that I use in my own practice and accounting for all aspects of your child’s life, I’m providing you with actionable advice that will holistically benefit your little ones. I’ve got some tips regarding breakfast for kids,...

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