Twin Talks Episodes

Where Should My Twins Sleep?

Cribs, Co-sleepers, Bassinets, and Bunkbeds. With twins, there’s a lot of equipment and transitions ahead. Should you put newborns together? Keep them in your room or put in the nursery? And when they’re older, when should you separate them? Do...

Twin Transitions: Crib to Toddler Bed

Are you planning to transition your twins from a crib to toddler bed? How do you know if they're developmentally ready? What are some of the challenges you can expect? And once your kids are in bed, how do you...

Twins and SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome comes without warning and has no known causes. So, how does SIDS specifically impact twins? Why are twins typically considered to be at greater risk? You'll hear firsthand from a mother who lost one of her...

An Introduction to Breastfeeding Multiples

The mechanics of breastfeeding multiples may seem overwhelming, but there are definitely some tricks to the trade. Is tandem nursing really possible? What equipment do mothers of multiples find helpful? Learn how to deal with the challenges of nursing ...

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