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The Working Parent Resource is a place where we have thoughtful discussions, share personal stories, and provide practical advice for ambitious working parents who actually want to enjoy being a working parent. Every week we tackle a brand new topic related to working parenthood to help you overcome your biggest obstacles, reach new insights, and make important changes in your life. Topics will include time management and life balance, marriage and relationships, child development and parenting tools, self-care, mindfulness, and a whole lot more! Come join us!

Recent Episodes

WPR042: Learning to Ask for Help with Kate Turza

Episode Summary: I had such a great conversation with our guest, Kate Turza today.  Kate and I just had a very real, very honest discussion about why it’s SO damn hard to ask for help these days, even when we...

WPR041: How I Get Sleep Without Sleep Training My Kids

Episode Summary: We talk about our kids’ sleep in passing, so it’s hard to get the full context of the struggles and realities of baby sleep over time.  So I’m just going to pull back the curtains and tell you...

WPR039: Mindful Parenting in a Messy World with Michelle Gale

Episode Summary:  Today we’re going to chat with Michelle Gale, who I absolutely loved getting to know.  Michelle has such a wonderful way of breaking down some of the hardest parts of parenting and teaches us how to take those difficult...

WPR035: How to Get Your Kids on a Routine with Erin Montgomery

Episode Summary:  I’ve always been a creature of habit, so establishing a routine for my kids was never that difficult for me.  Plus as someone who has spent decades learning about child development, I knew going into parenthood that creating a...

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