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The Working Parent Resource is a place where we have thoughtful discussions, share personal stories, and provide practical advice for ambitious working parents who actually want to enjoy being a working parent. Every week we tackle a brand new topic related to working parenthood to help you overcome your biggest obstacles, reach new insights, and make important changes in your life. Topics will include time management and life balance, marriage and relationships, child development and parenting tools, self-care, mindfulness, and a whole lot more! Come join us!

Recent Episodes

WPR025: How to Kick Guilt to the Curb with Valerie Friedlander

Episode Summary:  Valerie is a Certified Professional Coach and Empowerment Mentor, Loving Mom and Wife, and Founder of Not long ago Valerie was one of the many Moms struggling with feeling overwhelmed, out of balance, and guilty for wanting more....

WPR020: 5 Strategies to Help Late Talkers at Home with Carrie Clark

Episode Summary:  Carrie Clark is a speech-language pathologist who works full-time at home on her website for parents and others who work with children with speech and language delays. She provides resources and step-by-step guides for how to treat various communication...

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