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04/28/17: Trump Speaks at NRA, Short Term Spending Bill, Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling Order, United Airlines Settles Lawsuit and “Napercise”

President Trump speaks in Atlanta at the NRA’s annual meeting meanwhile the state considers a controversial law involving guns on college campuses. Congress hopes to pass a short-term spending bill today to avoid a government shutdown. United Airlines settles a lawsuit with the doctor who was dragged off their plane. And a new exercise class offers uninterrupted sleep for 45...

Back to Work: Your Pumping Rights

Your return to work after maternity leave can be challenging. Combine that with an employer who less-than-supportive of your pumping rights and you have even more stress. What are your pumping rights when you return to work? How can you ensure these la...

TNC 030: Low FODMAP Diet for Kids

The Low FODMAP Diet for Kids Kate Scarlata, RD joins me on The Nourished Child podcast to talk about the Low FODMAPS diet for kids. We dish on what this diet is, who it’s for (and for whom it isn’t), and the best ways to manage Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS, in children. Kate is a registered dietitian, mom, runner,...

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