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EP44: Three Sides to Every Story

This week, we are deconstructing our episode with Shauna Armitage. If you haven't listened, go back and download episode 43. Quick recap, Shauna is a mom of 4 with kids in all stages and talks about her courageous termination during her third pregnancy...

Postpartum Mental Health: Baby Blues

After you have your baby, you may be experiencing a wide range of emotions. If you're not feeling completely elated shortly after the birth of your baby- don't worry, that can be completely normal. It's called the baby blues, and it's a temporary condi...

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Featured Episodes

Toddler Naps: Dos and Don’ts

Naps are important- for both you and your child. It gives everyone a break and allows us to re-boot and prepare for the rest of the day. How often should your child be napping, and...

Teaching Kids to Think – Episode 46

Authors Darlene Sweetland and Ron Stolberg join us to talk about their book Teaching Kids to Think: Raising Confident, Independent, and Thoughtful Children in an Age of Instant Gratification. We discuss ways families can begin...

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